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Discover the right environmental monitoring solutions for your industry needs.

Central Monitoring and Management Software

Easily view Data and Dashboards from multiple Base Units and Sensors including historical graphing

Plug and Play Sensors

Simple to connect sensors for a variety of environmental conditions.

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server room

Data Center Managment and IT Server Rooms

We know how sensitive your Servers, Switches, Blade Centers and other Network Infrastructure are to temperature changes, airflow, water presence, and voltage fluctuations.

Protect your critical assets with environmental monitoring and alerts.

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Research and Medical Laboratories

Monitoring temperature and humidity is critical from a quality perspective in order to provide a constant, regulated state of control for 2014 equipment and samples for proper laboratory operations.

Protect critical samples and research from changes in environmental conditions with alerting and 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

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cold storage monitoring

Cold Storage Facilities

Food manufactures and cold storage facilities must ensure perishable items are stored properly in temperature controlled environments to preserve quality and maintain product safety standards.

Ensure the safety and integrity of your products with continuous monitoring, and alerting.

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Restaurant & Food Industry

It is imperative that all food and other perishable items are stored in properly regulated environments at proper food storage temperatures.

Protect the quality of your products, and most importantly your customers with environmental monitoring and alerts

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Temperature, humidity, voltage, airflow and fuel sensors can aid in maintaining optimal conditions for processes and equipment by providing accurate data logging of historical trends and fluctuations as well as immediate alerts when pre-defined thresholds are met.

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Residential & Property Management

Smart home solutions for detecting flooding, water leaks, and smoke.

Receive alerts by SMS text message, email, and more.

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energy systems engineering

Energy Power Industry

Monitor temperature conditions of walk in coolers, freezers and other food storage areas to maintain proper food safety standards.

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pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Hourly, daily, and monthly data logging of temperature and humidity conditions for use in operations planning and food safety audits.

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Environmental Monitoring Solution

Environmental Monitoring Solutions: Safeguarding Data Centers and Server Rooms

In the world of data centers and server rooms, uninterrupted operation is non-negotiable. Even a minor environmental issue can lead to costly downtime and data loss. This is where Environmental Monitoring Solutions shine as indispensable tools for preventing environmental issues like leaks, power outages, and potential fires.
Leak Detection: Water leaks can wreak havoc in data centers and server rooms, damaging equipment and causing data loss. Environmental Monitoring Solutions employ advanced leak detection sensors to identify even the smallest water intrusion. The moment a leak is detected, the system issues an alert, allowing for swift action to prevent damage.

Power Outage Prevention: Power outages are a nightmare scenario for data centers. Environmental Monitoring Solutions monitor power inputs and electrical systems, detecting irregularities or fluctuations that can lead to outages. By alerting operators to potential issues, these solutions help prevent power disruptions and ensure uninterrupted operation.

Temperature and Humidity Control: Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is crucial for data center equipment. Environmental Monitoring Solutions continuously monitor these parameters, ensuring that conditions remain within specified ranges. If temperatures rise or humidity levels fluctuate, the system alerts operators, allowing for timely adjustments to prevent equipment overheating or damage.

Air Quality Management: Dust and contaminants in the air can negatively impact server equipment. Environmental Monitoring Solutions also monitor air quality, detecting particles or pollutants that may affect air circulation and equipment performance. By maintaining clean air quality, these systems ensure the longevity of server hardware.

Early Warning Systems: The key to preventing environmental issues is early detection. Environmental Monitoring Solutions serve as vigilant sentinels, providing real-time data and immediate alerts when conditions deviate from the norm. This proactive approach allows operators to take corrective actions swiftly, minimizing the risk of environmental disasters.
In conclusion, Environmental Monitoring Solutions are indispensable for data centers and server rooms. They offer comprehensive protection against environmental issues like leaks, power outages, and potential fires. By providing early warnings and enabling rapid responses, these solutions ensure uninterrupted operation and data integrity, safeguarding the critical functions of data centers and server rooms.