Environmental Monitoring For Your Business

Your company or business probably owns infrastructure, goods and other critical / important assets that ensure your business operates. Most of this infrastructure and these assets are sensitive to environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, water presence or other leakages to only name a few.

In order to protect your Company's assets and infrastructure in case of equipment malfunctions and / or natural occurrences, Enviromon has been developing easy to use Environmental Monitoring Solutions to measure, track and most importantly, alert you in case of critical or unfavourable conditions occur in your environment.

This can very well be the difference between a little down time and a complete disaster for your company.

We operate and are involved in many different types of industries and offer fully customizable solutions to fit your needs.

Here are some examples of the type of industries utilizing Enviromon and protecting their infrastructure and assets from environmental mishaps.


So how do we help you avoid disaster and save you money?

First, Enviromon provides sophisticated hardware and software to measure and log a range of environmental conditions of your choosing such as temperature, humidity, air flow, voltage detection, water presence, etc. in real time.

Once any of those conditions exceed parameters setup for a specific environment in your business, an alert is generated that can be delivered visually or audibly via strobe and / or siren at your business, or you can be alerted via Email and SMS text messages wherever you are.

Enviromon also offers a mobile way to manage these sensors and the data they are gathering via our CloudHawk Service. You can manage multiple locations all from this one easy to use web interface.

Historical data is also gathered so that you can analyze and track changes in conditions week by week and help you determine if everything is in order. All you need is any device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc) that can connect to the internet and you’re all set.

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