Boudoir Photographer

Choosing a boudoir photographer can be hit or miss, so you need to know that not all photographers are created equally. When you choose carolinemalouf PHOTOGRAPHY, you will be gaining invaluable expertise and knowledge for your shoot. I can coach you and have you posing like you have been a cover model all of your life. I know what to do and what not to do. Here are some ideas that you can use during your boudoir shoot.

The Eyes

If the eyes are big and bright, the model often looks scared and nervous or like they have no clue where they are and how they got there. Big, wide eyes is a common mistake among first-time boudoir models. A little trick I like to use to get the eyes right is to ask the model what their favorite food is and then ask them to think about it. When the model starts thinking about their favorite food, the eyes automatically change to the form that we want for the shoot.

The Mouth

Another mistake that new models often make during boudoir photography sessions is to pose with super-tight lips. This has the effect of making the woman appear nervous or like she is holding something back. This is not good for boudoir photography. A good trick to get the lips just right for a boudoir photoshoot is for the model to inhale through the nostrils and to exhale through the lips.

The Neck

When a woman is posing, the neck has a tendency to go back and to take on some awkward positions. A good trick to overcome this problem, although it might seem a little weird, is to pretend you are a turtle. Extend your neck like you are a turtle reaching out to grab that piece of food that you want.

The Hands

Perhaps because of the nervous energy that first-time boudoir models have during their photoshoots, they often don’t know what to do with their hands. You can think of your hands as one unit and move them together, or you can move your hands as individual units and move them in opposite directions. When it comes to the hands, it is important to remember that the hands speak. For example, if your hands are clenching, it communicates that you don’t know what to do. The hands should be properly positioned to tell a story like, “Do you want me to untie this lingerie?”

Choose carolinemalouf PHOTOGRAPHY

I am Caroline Malouf, and I have been a boudoir photographer for many years. I have worked with women from just about every walk of life, and I bring a vast wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience to each boudoir photoshoot that I perform. Some of the women I photograph have experience behind the camera already. However, for a lot of my clients, their experience with me is their first time. It is my job coach and to bring the natural beauty out of each woman I shoot for, and no one does this better than me!