Iot Sensors and RTU Units

Enviromon is an established manufacturer of smart sensors for a variety of IoT and IIoT device applications. In business over 10 years, we have been developed reliable and durable sensors that monitor environmental conditions and provide actionable data that can be integrated into IoT platforms, SCADA and industrial control systems via MODBUS, TCP/IP, SNMP protocols. Multiple smart sensors can be connected to a single RTU base unit using the RJ45 port and are fully powered over ethernet.

Enviromon's sensors and RTUs are easy to configure and integrate into additional monitoring platforms for real-time process control and remote monitoring. Providing the perfect solution for industrial IoT projects, M2M, smart facilities, cold chain monitoring, infrastructure monitoring and control, and home automation.

Take a look at our list of sensors, and contact us to help you design and implement your IoT solution. As a leading sensor expert in environmental sensor technology, we support our customers from the project planning stages through to integration of our sensors for process control; offering comprehensive solutions for applications in the area of the IoT. We hope you will see we are the perfect partner to take your next IoT application to the next level.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your project goals.

IoT Smart Sensors

Sensors provide the means by which smart processes are able to see the physical world and make decisions based on environmental decisions. They are the "senses" that allow IoT to exist.

Remote Terminal Controllers ("Remote Telemetry Unit")

Enviromon has developed our own RTU units and software to ensure seamless compatibility and reliability amongst our line of smart sensors. Our RTU base units are easily configured into existing LAN networks and can be integrated into additional monitoring and control systems using MODBUS, TCP/IP, RS485 and SNMP depending on the needs of the solution.


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