Firmware and Software Downloads for your Enviromon products can be found here. Update the Firmware on your Enviromon Base Units to take advantage of new features and ensure compatibility with Enviromon Sensors. If you are unsure how to perform a firmware upgrade see our installation instructions and F.A.Q. below.

SensorHawk Updates

Notes: The (base) firmware is the latest firmware that supports the SensorHawk 8 units with the Atmega128 micro-controller (SPxxxi). You can check your units micro-controller version in the web interface System page >> System Description. If you see an “I” after the firmware version (SPxxxi) then your unit is using the older Atmega128 micro-controller and will only be capable of updating to the (Base) update. If you have one of the Atmega128 micro-controller units the link above may not work if your device is brand new or has been set back to factory Settings. Depending on the device you have, you will need to update the firmware accordingly. Start with the, followed by the and then the newest one which works for both Sensorhawk 2 and 8. The SensorHawk 8 Firmware will work with the SensorHawk x20 Devices.

SecurityHawk Updates

If the current firmware update is not uploading, the firmware shipped with the device may be slightly out of date and need a previous firmware version before being able to update to the current firmware. Below are links for the older firmware updates. Apply the firmware that applies to your model from below and then try to update to the most current (at the top.)

How to Update the Firmsware on SensorHawk and SecurityHawk Base Units

To update the firmware of the SensorHawk and SecurityHawk base units, proceed as follows:

1.) Download the corresponding firmware update for your base unit from the list above.

With the .zip file downloaded, extract its contents to a folder on your computer. The extracted folder should include the following files: – this file contains the firmware files

IPSet5.6.6.exe – this is the program that will load the firmware onto the sensorProbe

readme.txt – contains basic instructions


2.) We recommend you connect your computer to your sensorProbe using a crossover cable for the upgrade procedure.

3.) Start the program IPSet

4.) Click the System Upgrade button

5.) Enter the IP address of your base unit

6.) Enter the password for your base unit

7.) Enter the name and location of your firmware file on your computer – e.g. ""

8.) Click the Update button


1.) I have downloaded the .zip file. How do I update my firmware?

Unzip the downloaded file to a folder on you computer, and follow the instructions in this file.

2.) After installing the updates, do I need to configure anything?

No. After installing the updates, the device will restart. Historical sensor data will be lost (you can download this data before you begin the upgrade). All configuration settings that you have made (mail settings, sensor descriptions etc) will remain intact. On our Linux based products, (cP8, sP8L), there is an option to backup all configuration settings to a file – you can access this option from the settings page. This is for your peace of mind in case of a system crash.

You can also backup you configuration files for peace of mind on sP2 and sP8 devices – use our application configure2.2 to do this.


3.) Will this update erase my existing settings?

No. Your settings will remain the same.


4.) Can I perform the upgrade over the internet?

We recommend you perform the upgrade by connecting your base unit to your PC using a crossover cable.

However, it is also possible to upgrade the firmware over the internet.

It may be slow, and you will need to open up ports on the routers you are using, but it works. There is no special procedure for doing this – simply perform the upgrade in the normal way, using our GUI upgrade tool for the sP2 and sP8, or the upgrade section of the web interface on the Linux based systems. The firmware upgrade routine checks the integrity of the uploaded code.

There is enough memory on the base units to store the whole upload code before the flash upgrade.

If the connection breaks or the data transfer has errors, the flash upgrade won’t be started, and the old code will remain functional.

For linux models of the sensorProbe (sP8L, cP8), we use HTTP (TCP port 80) for firmware upgrades.

For the sensorProbe (sP2, sP8), we use TFTP (UDP port 69) for firmware upgrades.

  Please note that a self -run by firmware update is always done at your own risk . If you have problems updating the firmware of your SensorHawk or SecurityHawk occur, please contact our support team to help you at   During the updates, the power of your AKCPsensorProbe must never be interrupted. After successful firmware update you get the Complete message and restart the sensorProbe is initiated.