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Our Enviromon Membership program is free to join, and lasts as long as you are subscribed.

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  • Exclusive Monthly offers on Product Bundles.

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exclusive offers

√ Exclusive Offers

Each month we send exclusive monthly offers on Enviromon Base Unit and Sensor Bundles.

√ Preferred Pricing

Get 10% off any purchase of Enviromon base units and sensors anytime you need it. Just submit your membership code along with your online purchase or quote request to receive your preferred pricing.exclusive offers

  • Members will receive exclusive pricing packages on bundled base unit and sensor packages as well as 10% off of any purchase of Enviromon products any time including; base units, sensors, cameras, so long as they are active members of the program. Upon unsubscribing from Membership program, individuals are no longer eligible to receive exclusive pricing packages or 10% off discount.
  • Membership discounts applies only to the individual/organization who has signed up for membership, and must present their “membership code” at time of quote or purchase to receive discount. Members may unsubscribe at anytime.
  • Membership discount does not apply to “exclusive offers” which are already discounted
  • Membership is non-transferable and does not imply or impose any specific agreement or contract between individuals or organizations with Enviromon.
  • Enviromon reserves the right to modify, change or discontinue the Enviromon Membership program for any reason, at any time.