Product Overview

Our environmental monitors and sensors provide low-cost, low-maintenance 24/7 monitoring and automated alerts sent you by email or SMS*.

If you are looking for a reliable low-involvement temperature monitoring device with data logging and automated alerts, our base units and smart sensors can provide the perfect solution for you:

  • Visual Alarms: Using Siren & Strobe Light.
  • Email Alarms: Configure for escalated emailing and multiple recipients.
  • SMS Alarms: Get alerts sent to your smartphone using CloudHawk Remote Monitoring Service.
  • Centralized Monitoring: Collect data from up to 8 smart sensors on one base unit.
  • No Batteries: Ethernet sensors are powered by the base unit and never need to be turned-off.


Complete environmental, temperature and security monitoring solution for your enterprise resources.

Setup is very simple. Embedded Linux Operating System and accessible through it’s own web interface means there is no software to install on your PC.


remote monitoring

CloudHawk is a cloud service for remote and multi site environmental monitoring brought to you by Enviromon, a division of Netmon Inc.

CloudHawk expands the already capable environmental monitoring solutions by Enviromon to allow you access to your sensor data in real time as well as recieve alerts via SMS text messages.


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