Support FAQ

We would like to ensure that all Enviromon customers have as much information as possible in order to effectively operate their Base Units and Smart Sensors. As a result, below is a sampling of a variety of the questions commonly addressed to our technical support staff by those who have already purchased Environmental Monitoring products from Enviromon.

Not yet an Enviromon customer? Be sure to view our Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions for more generalized questions regarding the products and its operating system that are commonly heard by our sales team during the decision making process.

Why am I unable to set the IP to the device using IPSet utility provided in the help CD?

  • The power to the Base Unit may be lost. Check the red LED. It should be steadily lit.
  • The device is not hooked up properly with the LAN/network/Patch cable. Check the green LED. It should be steadily lit.
  • The PC used to configure the Base Unit is on a different subnet than the device. Note: IPSet.exe will not work across routers. It will work across switches and hubs.
  • Try to connect a crossover cable from a computer directly to the Base Unit. This is the recommended method to set up the Base Unit.

What is the default IP of the device?

The default IP assigned at the factory is:

If the IPSet fails, is there any other method of assigning the IP Address?

Yes! The following step will help setting up the IP address.

  • Find out the IP address of your network adapter by entering the command “ipconfig” at the command prompt. In Windows 2000 and XP the command prompt can be accessed by clicking on Start -> Run -> and then typing in ‘cmd’ into the dialog box.
  • Add the IP address of the sensorProbe to the routing table by entering: route add x.x.x.xwhere x.x.x.x is the IP address of the network adapter
  • Add ARP table by entering: arp -s xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xxwhere xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx is the MAC address of your sensorProbe.
  • Ping with a buffer size as 89 bytes: ping -l 89 If the browser and access the ping works then open up your web interface of the device by typing the IP

Can I use the default IP of the device to access the web interface and later assign the desired IP?

Yes, you can access the web interface by entering the IP in your browser.

I am able to ping the device IP, but I am not getting the web interface when I enter the IP in the browser?

  • The proxy settings of the browser may be preventing the access to the device. Please disable the proxy settings to access the web interface.
  • You have updated the micro code of the firmware, but you have not updated the html code update. Html code updates has to be done, after the micro code update is done.

Where can I find the MAC address of the device?

The MAC address of the devices can be found in various locations, including:

  • The MAC address of the device can be found on the bottom cover of the device
  • On the web interface under Network page
  • When using IPSet in Automatically Get MAC mode

Where can I find the MIB file for the device?

The MIB file for the device can be found on our Firmware & Downloads page.

I cannot set the device to send mails.

There are a variety of reasons why you may not be able to send emails with your device.

  • The SMTP server is entered is wrong.
  • The send mail option is not enabled in the Mail settings page.
  • The timeout period entered is too low.
  • The gateway IP is not entered in the network page
  • The mail from address is not set
  • The mail server is not responding
  • The mail from address is not validated in the mail server
  • The mail server settings prohibit it from accepting connections form the device IP
  • The firewall in the network is preventing the SMTP traffic.

I cannot login to the device.

Please ensure that the password that you are entering is correct and that it has not been changed by another user.

I’m not able to change the settings in the device.

You have logged into the device as a user. Only an administrator can make changes to the settings.

How can I recover a lost password?

You need to contact Enviromon’s Customer Support with the MAC address of your sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ or securityProbe product.

I have assigned the gateway IP, and when I say Save, it reverts back to the default IP?

This happens when the device is not able to find the IP entered. When the IP is entered, the device searches for the IP, if it finds, it will accept the IP entered, or else, it will revert back to the default IP.

Do AKCP products have a warranty?

Yes! A one year global limited warranty is provided on all AKCP products. An additional one year warranty, if one is desired, is available at an extra 20% of the list price.