AKCP sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ & securityProbe Base Units and Smart Sensors for:

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor environmental conditions and maintain cold storage temperatures for food safety requirements.

Custom Reporting

Continuous data logging of storage conditions for facilities management and to demonstrate compliance.

Alert Notifications

Immediate alerts once predefined thresholds are met via physical alerts, email, sms* text messages.

Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

Food and drug manufacturers and cold chain services must ensure food, drugs and other perishable items are stored properly in temperature controlled environments to preserve quality and maintain product consumer safety standards. To ensure that environmental conditions are met, continuous cold storage and freezer temperature monitoring is crucial to business operations.

AKCP sensorProbe, sensorProbe+, securityProbe & Wireless L-DCIM base units and robust waterproof smart sensors can be deployed to monitor temperature and humidity conditions throughout cold storage facilities, walk in coolers, commercial freezers and any other environmentally sensitive areas to help meet the highest possible standard for food safety and to meet future government food and health mandates.

Monitoring and Data Logging System

Our smart sensors connect to AKCP’s sensorProbe and securityProbe base units which utilize specially developed software that allow managers, owners and other key individuals access and oversight to real-time data of operating temperatures and environmental conditions

AKCPro Central management software allows users the capability to monitor multiple base units in one centralized view as well as ability to include base units in different locations and access from any device with an internet connection.

Cold-storage and freezer temperature monitoring and historical data logging can illustrate trends and fluctuations allowing management and key personnel to make adjustments when necessary as well as demonstrate consistent compliance of storage conditions. Our software provides accurate data logs of temperature, humidity and other conditions within cold storage warehouses, walk in coolers and commercial freezers for use in documentation, reports and product safety audits.

Refrigeration and Cold Storage Alarm Systems

Most crucially, our environmental monitoring solutions are able to provide email alerts and / or SMS*, should any preset environmental conditions be exceeded; for example, if the temperatures exceed a desired range or if there is a leakage of any kind.

Additional smart sensors can be deployed to alert users in cases of power outages, equipment failures or other environmental issues such as water leakage.


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AKCP sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ & securityProbe Base Units and Smart Sensors for Laboratory Rooms and Cold Storage

See below for our most popular configurations for laboratory temperature measurement
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sensorProbe 2 Port Base Unit


• (2) Smart Sensor Ports
• Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor (Limited)

sensorProbe 4 Port Base Unit

• (4) Smart Sensor Inputs
• Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor (Limited)

sensorProbe 8 Port Base Unit

• (8) Smart Sensor Inputs
• Rack Mountable
• Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor (Limited)

Water Resistant Temperature & Humidity Smart Sensor

• Quick and simple set-up and configuration
• Receive email and SMS alert notifications
• Supports SNMP polling
• Easy firmware updates

Liquid Detection Smart Sensors

Liquid Detection Sensor rope

• Quick and simple set-up and configuration
• Receive email and SMS alert notifications
• Supports SNMP polling
• No calibration required

Airflow Smart Sensor

AirFlow Smart Sensor

• Detects the presence and non-presence of airflow
• SNMP traps and sensor polling
• Quick and simple set-up and configuration

Smoke Detection Smart Sensors


• Detects the presence of smoke
• LED indicator visually indicates alarm status.
• Receive email and SMS alert notifications
• Supports SNMP polling

Measure Temperature Remotely in Real-Time

With addition of the AKCPro Central Management software, you will be able to monitor cold storage environmental conditions whether it be a single building or remote sites over a wide geographic area.
  • Integrated monitoring of all devices 
  • Environmental Monitoring - Monitor all your temperature, humidity, airflowwater leak and other environmental sensors. 
  • Security Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring


AKCPro Central Monitoring & Management software

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