Home Environment Monitoring Systems

Home environment monitoring and peace of mind has never been easier. Our environment monitoring system for your home can alert you to environmental conditions such as flooding, leaks, fire and smoke.

Why Use Environment Monitoring for My Home?


Our home environment monitoring system will send you an alert to any internet enabled device for a variety of environmental issues that threaten to damage your property. This gives you time to take action before the damage gets worse, and is especially important for home and property owners who travel, or are gone away for extended periods of time.

Using different types of sensors to monitor the activity of your home’s environmental conditions you can receive alerts for the following situations:

• flooding and leak detection
• fire and smoke detection
• freezing temperature detection
• excessive heat detection


Who Uses Home Environment Monitoring for their Property?

If you own a home or have an investment property you should consider environmental monitoring to alert you when something goes wrong.

The most common reasons people choose environmental monitoring is for:

• increased family safety
• vacation homes
• investment properties
• expensive homes with priceless items 

Types of Home Environmental Monitoring Solutions:

Depending on the nature of your property and the risks involved, the types of environmental sensors you will need will vary. You can speak to one of our technical experts about your specific circumstances and they will be able to provide you with the most accurate solutions.

The most common types of home environmental monitoring sensors include:

• Water Leak Detection Sensors
• Temperature Monitoring Sensors
• Smoke Detectors Sensors
• Motion Detection Sensors



How to get a Home Environment Monitoring System for Your Home?

AKCP monitoring systems are designed to be simple to setup and easy to use.

sensorprobe21.) Simply contact our sales team for a guided tour OR browse through our online store.
2.) Connect your Sensor Probe Base Unit to your router and internet connection.
3.) Plug in your Smart Sensors and set them in areas that will be affected by environmental conditions you wish to be notified about.
4.) Set the thresholds and alerts (ie. Temperature goes below 0 degrees Fahrenheit)


Once your home environment monitoring system is installed you will be able to receive emergency alerts via email.

You can learn more about sensorProbe & securityProbe Base Units on our FAQ page.