sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ & securityProbe Base Units and Smart Sensors for:

Data Logging

Automated data logger records environmental conditions of processes and equipment. Access Real-Time Data via Web Interface.

Custom Reporting

Hourly, daily, and monthly data logs of temperature and humidity conditions for use in documentation and compliance records.

Alert Notifications

Immediate alerts once pre-defined thresholds are met via physical alerts, email, sms* text messages.

Industrial Manufacturing Process' Automated Monitoring and Data Logging

In manufacturing processes and industrial facilities: monitoring temperature, humidity and other environmental factors can be critical in order to provide a constant, regulated state of control for fabrication and manufacturing processes to produce the high-quality products.


Smart Sensors

Enviromon provides fully customizable solutions to fit your specific needs with a wide range of application specific wired smart sensors and dry contact sensors.

Temperature, humidity, voltage, airflow and fuel sensors to name a few: can aid in maintaining optimal conditions of processes and equipment by providing accurate data logging of historical trends and fluctuations as well as immediate alerts when pre-defined thresholds are met.

Our smart sensors are powered directly from connected base units via ethernet cables and recorded data is immediately available over your internal network via web interface to the base unit. 

Along with providing a consistent power source and line of communication: ethernet cables have the benefit of having much lower latency and are subject to less interference than connections over WiFi.

Compatible with 4-20 mAmp Sensors

Our sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ and securityProbe Base Units are also compatible with third-party 4-20 mAmp sensors. 4-20 mAmp Voltage Converter transmitters are common in the industry for use with third party specialty sensors.

With the use of our base units using our our 4-20 mAmp Voltage Converter for any of our Base units, these sensors can be integrated into the Base Unit.

By connecting a 4-20 mAmp sensor to our base units you can dramatically increase its functionality with the addition of graphing, web interface, email interface, thresholds, and limits for third party sensors.

factory industrial

Explore our sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ and securityProbe monitoring systems in a live real-world environment.


Base Unit Data Logging

sensorProbe. sensorProbe+ and securityProbe base units are standalone systems and come with internal web-based software, so there is no need to install additional software on a PC to manage. Base Units come with between 2 - 16 smart sensor ports depending on type of model; our sensorProbe+ & securityProbe Base units can be expanded using one or several expansions ports with to a maximum of 500 connected sensors.

Autosense “Plug and Play” feature automatically configures your sensors upon connecting to base unit, and the web interface allows to record data and set thresholds for alerting.

Recorded data logs are viewable in real-time to see current conditions as well as the ability to review historical data collected over long periods of time.

Remote monitoring and monitoring multiple locations or devices can be done simply with the inclusion of our AKCPro Central Management software solution. See below for more information about our AKCPro Central Management software.

sensorProbe, sensorProbe+ & securityProbe Base Units and Smart Sensors for Industrial and Manufacturing Processes

See below for our most popular configurations for Industrial Manufacturing Process Monitoring and Data Logging
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sensorProbe 2 Port Base Unit


• (2) Smart Sensor Ports
• Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor (Limited)

sensorProbe 4 Port Base Unit

• (4) Smart Sensor Inputs
• Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor (Limited)

sensorProbe 8 Port Base Unit

• (8) Smart Sensor Inputs
• Rack Mountable
• Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labor (Limited)

4-20 mAmp Voltage Converter

Voltage Converter

• Input Current Range: +4 mA to +20 mA
• Output Voltage Range: +0.8 V to +4.0 V
• Maximum Linearity: ± 0.09%
• Output Connector: RJ45 jack to converter using UTP Cat 5 wire

Thermocouple Extreme Temperature Smart Sensor

• Maximum Cable Length: 305m (1000 feet)
• Sampling Rate: 1 Reading per Second
• Measurement Range: -200°C to +800°C (-328°F to +1472°F)
• Measurement Accuracy: ±0.2°C (±0.4°F)

Liquid Detection Rope Fuel Sensor -3′

• Liquid Detection of Hydrocarbon fuels at any point along its length.
• Can detect Gasoline, Diesel #1, Jet AB58, JP-457, Kerosene

Airflow Smart Sensor

AirFlow Smart Sensor

• Detects the presence and non-presence of airflow
• SNMP traps and sensor polling
• Quick and simple set-up and configuration

Central Management Software Solution

By connecting your sensorProbe & securityProbe base unit to the AKCPro  Central Management software, customers have the ability to management base units and sensors from multiple sites or facilities.

Remote Central Monitoring & Management software


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