Airflow Sensors

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The AKCP Pro airflow sensor is designed for systems that generate heat in the course of their operation and a steady flow of air is necessary to dissipate this heat generated. System reliability and safety could be jeopardized if this cooling airflow stops.

The Airflow sensor is placed in the path of the air stream, where the user can monitor the status of the flowing air. The airflow sensor is not a precision measuring instrument. This device is meant to measure the presence or the absence of air flow.

In addition to the sensors ON or OFF status, the airflow sensors condition can also be read via an SNMP get using its OID. SNMP traps sent when critical. SNMP polling via get available. Web browser interface available. When an alarm condition is activated the description and location of the fault can be sent via email, page.

This is not a precision sensor, it is ONLY designed to sense the presence and non-presence of airflow and not to measure the amount of airfow. It is best used to send an alert in the case of a fan, AC failure or when airflow is present when it should not be.