Siren & Strobe Light


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The combined Siren & Strobe Light can add audio and visual alarms to your base unit. When triggered, the siren will generate a loud alarm sound and the strobe light will flash brightly, giving a clear alert of an alarm condition. The siren and alarm are both incorporated into one device – only one RJ-45 jack is needed for each combined siren/alarm. The siren / strobe light can be triggered manually, via the web interface, or it can be configured to turn on at certain times, through the web interface.

It works with all SensorHawk Base Units and SecurityHawk Base Units and must be connected to a base unit in order to function properly.


  • View from any web browser
  • Quick and simple set-up and configuration
  • Receive email and SMS alert notifications
  • Supports SNMP polling
  • Easy firmware updates


  • Length: 1.5 meters (5 feet)
  • Maximum Extension Cable Length: 305m (1000 feet) with standard CAT 5 cable
  • Sampling Rate: Multiple readings every second
  • Measurement range: Alarm or Normal
  • Measurement Range: Detects voltage at 50V AC to 250 VAC
  • Communications Cable: RJ45 jack to sensor using UTP Cat 5 wire
  • Sensor Type: Open / closed contact switch
  • Full auto-sense including disconnect alarm


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