Vibration Detection Sensor (Glass Breakage)


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This sensor is designed for protecting against forced entry by hammer, saw, crowbar etc… through walls, ceilings, windows, safes, cabinets, etc… It will initiate an alarm when a vibration from a non-desirable force strikes the protected surface. A built-in tamper switch is independent from the circuit of the vibration detector for your convenience. Vibration contacts are adjustable by turning an adjustment screw to respond to any surface – glass, wood, steel, plasterboard, or brick. Pure silver contact points ensure years of fail-free operation. The dust tight ABS case is small, inconspicuous and can be easily installed with two-sided adhesive tape.


The Vibration Detect sensor can be connected to the SensorHawk and SecurityHawk units via the RJ-45 dry contact sensors. Or it can be directly connected to the dry contact inputs on the SensorHawk8-20, SensorHawk8-60, SecurityHawk-20 and SecurityHawk-60 units allowing security protection for many windows using only a single base unit.


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