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If you’re considering hiring a security protection company in Miami, FL, you probably have some questions to ask. At FPI Security Services, we’d love to speak with you and answers any questions that you might have. Below, we’ve gathered a list of some of the commonly asked questions.

Are your guard services affordable?

We consider your requirements before we come up with our rates. We conduct a site survey and risk assessment to give you a personalized and affordable security plan.

What type of training do your guards receive?

Our security guards training program includes classroom training that covers general security procedures and state laws. Besides, all our security guards receive on-site training before commencing their assignments.

Are your security guards in uniform?

Yes. We offer a concierge-style uniform to all our guards. Besides that, we offer a traditional police-style uniform, with a company badge and patch.

Are your security guards supervised?

FPI Security Services has supervisors out there that monitor the performance of all our security guards. Through their supervision, our clients are assured of high-quality and excellent service.

Is your company licensed?

Yes. Our guards are licensed through the Department of Public Safety-Private Security Bureau, and we are proud to be among the most reputable security companies in Miami.

Do you have insurance coverage that protects me from liability?

FPI Security Services have commercial automobile liability, general commercial liability, and employee compensation insurance.

What locations do you offer security services for?

We offer security services to Apartments/HOA, Construction Sites, Churches, Corporate Campuses, Hotels, Movie Studios, Gated Communities, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Hospitals, and Shopping Centers, Automotive Dealers, Access & parking lot Control, Warehouses, and Schools. If your type of service is not listed, please feel free to contact us. Chances are we have you covered.

What background check do you carry out on your security guards?

We carry out a comprehensive internal investigation. We perform database searches for each guard’s criminal background. Our security guards also undergo crime history fingerprint checks conducted by the FBI.

Do your guards keep daily reports?

Our security guards can provide daily reports depending on your needs. Incident reports will also be provided if any security violations occur. This will consist of any property loss or damage, or any unlawful activity on the property. 

What should I expect from your security guard?

You can expect our guards to be: On time, well groomed, in uniform, oriented to security work, well supervised, and thoroughly instructed on duties.

Ready To Secure Your Property?

No matter your security needs in Miami, FPI Security Services can customize the perfect security solution for you. As a security guard company, it’s our job to protect you and your property. 

Should you have any questions regarding the security guard you should hire to protect your property or business, call FPI Security Services at Broward: (954) 370-5300 or Dade: (305) 827-4300 for an immediate answer to your questions. We are committed to customizing a security solution to help keep you safe.





Security Guard Companies